Break Through the Noise: The Nine Rules to Capture Global Attention

  • 7h 1m 34s
  • Josh Young, Tim Staples
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

The odds of getting a video onto YouTube's front page are 1-in-2,000,0000, but Tim Staples, founder and CEO of Shareability, knows how to make the algorithms of Youtube, Google, Facebook and Instagram work for you - and he has the results to prove it, with a thriving business that has gotten their videos onto YouTube's front page an amazing 25 times. Here he shows savvy marketers, entrepreneurs, and online celebrity wannabes how they, too, can develop clever videos that amass millions of views.

Staples outlines a nine-step approach that anyone can use to launch their product or service without having to invest a fortune.

Case studies featured in the book include how Shareability launched ROC Headphones, a multi-million-dollar global brand, with a viral video of Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise without spending a nickel on traditional advertising; how they used babies to create the most successful social video ever about the Olympic Games; how they propelled a small pet food company from obscurity to an IPO on the power of two viral videos; and how they helped Cricket Wireless become the most shared brand in the wireless space beating telco powerhouses like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

In this Audiobook

  • Rule 1: Be Shareable
  • Rule 2: Understand the Science
  • Rule 3: Focus on Value
  • Rule 4: Find Your Voice
  • Rule 5: Crush the Headline
  • Rule 6: Ride the Wave
  • Rule 7: Flip the Script
  • Rule 8: Know Your Platforms
  • Rule 9: Test Before You Invest