Breaking Bad Habits: Defy Industry Norms and Reinvigorate Your Business

  • 4h 40m 45s
  • Freek Vermeulen
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2017

It's very likely that best practices - ideas, processes, and strategies that are commonplace in your industry - are actually hurting your business. Although best practices can help businesses operate more competitively and efficiently, they are often outdated, harmful, and a hindrance to innovation. The problem is, managers and executives are usually blind to the negative effects of best practices, so they don't question their purpose or measure their effectiveness. As a consequence, outdated or harmful practices spread and persist without their knowledge.

In Breaking Bad Habits, Freek Vermeulen, a strategy professor at London Business School, offers the tools to identify bad practices, eliminate them from your organization, and then move on to create new sources of innovation and growth by outthinking your competitors. Brimming with examples of norm-defying organizations in an eclectic range of industries, Breaking Bad Habits will make you rethink your long-held beliefs about industry norms while encouraging you to reinvigorate your business by breaking out of the status quo.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1. We're Suckers for Success
  • Chapter 2. Causal Ambiguity
  • Chapter 3. They Spread Quicker Than They Kill
  • Chapter 4. The Tale of the Giant Newspapers
  • Chapter 5. More Than Painting a Gray Wall Green
  • Chapter 6. Innovation in the Market for Employees
  • Chapter 7. Ten Commandments for Identifying and Eliminating Bad Habits
  • Chapter 8. Embrace Change for Change's Sake
  • Chapter 9. Make Your Life Difficult
  • Chapter 10. Balance Exploration with Exploitation
  • Chapter 11. Be Varied and Selective