Bringing Up the Boss: Practical Lessons for New Managers

  • 6h 43m 58s
  • Rachel Pacheco
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

New start-ups come on the scene filled with incredible young people. These start-ups grow, the team expands, and those young people all of a sudden have the responsibility of a team under them. As "managers", they are expected - often without any direction or manager role models - to know how to develop, coach, structure work, review, and set expectations for a whole bunch of new, incredible young people.

First-timers want to quickly learn what it takes to be a successful manager - like they learned how to program, how to design, how to operate - and put those learnings into practice. But what does it mean to manage, and how do you teach someone to be a good manager?

Enter Rachel Pacheco, an expert at helping start-ups solve their people and culture challenges. Pacheco, former chief people officer at Oxeon and a founding member of the executive team of the JPMorgan Chase Institute, conducts research on management at The Wharton School and works with CEOs and their managers to build the skills necessary to navigate a rapidly-scaling organization. In Bringing Up the Boss: Practical Lessons for New Managers, Pacheco shares these skills, along with cutting-edge research, data, anecdotes, how-to exercises, helpful tools, and more, to help overwhelmed employees become expert managers

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Great Expectations
  • Chapter 2 - Feedback is Like Underwear: It's a Gift You Need, Maybe Not One You Want
  • Chapter 3 - Own it! (Your Development, That is)
  • Chapter 4 - The Coaching Playbook
  • Chapter 5 - Managing Performance Anxiety
  • A Final Note on Performance
  • Chapter 6 - The Trifecta of Motivation: Achievement, Power, and Affiliation
  • Chapter 7 - Goal Interrupted: The Good and the Bad of Setting Goals
  • Chapter 8 - The Complications of Compensation
  • Chapter 9 - The Heavyweight Title Fight
  • A Final Note on Motivation
  • Chapter 10 - Making Work Meaningful
  • Chapter 11 - There's No Crying in Baseball
  • Chapter 12 - Talk is Not Cheap
  • Chapter 13 - Beautiful Questions
  • A Final Note on Meaning
  • Chapter 14 - Interviewing 101
  • Chapter 15 - Why the Airport Test Stinks
  • Chapter 16 - The New Kid on the Block
  • Chapter 17 - Breaking up is Hard to Do
  • A Final Note on Hiring and Firing
  • Chapter 18 - The TINO (Team in Name Only)
  • Chapter 19 - Getting Your Team to Speak up
  • Chapter 20 - The Good Fight: Conflict and What to Do about it
  • Chapter 21 - The Meeting Paradox: We Hate Going, But We Still Want to Be Invited
  • A Final Note on Team Dynamics
  • Chapter 22 - Confidence and Vulnerability
  • Chapter 23 - Power: Use it for Good, Not Evil
  • Chapter 24 - Managing up
  • Chapter 25 - Should I Stay, or Should I Go?
  • A Final Note on Managing Yourself