Building Brand Communities: How Organizations Succeed by Creating Belonging

  • 8h 10m 35s
  • Carrie Melissa Jones, Charles Vogl
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • 2020

An authentic brand community is more than just people buying your product or working alongside one another. This audiobook articulates the critical roles of mutual concern, common values, and shared experiences in creating fiercely loyal customer and collaborator relationships.

Smart organizations know that creating communities is the key to unlocking unprecedented outcomes. But too many mistakenly rely on superficial transactional relationships as a foundation for community, when really people want something deeper. Carrie Melissa Jones and Charles Vogl argue that in an authentic and enriching community, members have mutual concern for one another, share personal values, and join together in meaningful shared experiences, whether online or off. On the deepest level, brands must help members grow into who they want to be.

Jones and Vogl present practices used by global brands like Yelp, Etsy, Twitch, Harley Davidson, Salesforce, Airbnb, Sephora, and others to connect in a meaningful way with the people critical for their success. They articulate how authentic communities can serve organizational goals in seven different areas: Innovation, talent recruitment, customer retention, marketing, customer service, building transformational movements, and creating community forums. They also reveal principles to grow a new brand community to critical mass. This is the first comprehensive guide to a crucial differentiator that gives organizations access to untapped enthusiasm and engagement.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Recognizing Community, Brand Community, and Belonging
  • Chapter 2 - Supporting Organizational Goals
  • Chapter 3 - Distinguishing Community
  • Chapter 4 - Starting at the Beginning
  • Chapter 5 - Team Selection
  • Chapter 6 - Growth Principles
  • Chapter 7 - Leaders' and Managers' Roles
  • Chapter 8 - Creating Shared Experiences and Space
  • Chapter 9 - Content Strategy
  • Chapter 10 - Motivation and Encouraging Participation
  • Chapter 11 - Measurement and Metrics