Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in the Fight to Free an Empire's Slaves

  • 13h 45m 47s
  • Adam Hochschild
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

From the author of the widely acclaimed King Leopold's Ghost comes the taut, gripping account of one of the most brilliantly organized social justice campaigns in history - the fight to free the slaves of the British Empire.

In early 1787, 12 men - a printer, a lawyer, a clergyman, and others united by their hatred of slavery - came together in a London printing shop and began a remarkable grass-roots movement, battling for the rights of people on another continent. Masterfully stoking public opinion, the movement's leaders pioneered a variety of techniques that have been adopted by citizens' movements ever since, from consumer boycotts to wall posters and lapel buttons to celebrity endorsements.

A deft chronicle of this groundbreaking antislavery crusade and its powerful enemies, Bury the Chains gives a little-celebrated human rights watershed its due at last.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Many Golden Dreams
  • 2. Atlantic Wanderer
  • 3. Intoxicated with Liberty
  • 4. King Sugar
  • 5. A Tale of Two Ships
  • 6. A Moral Steam Engine
  • 7. The First Emancipation
  • 8. “I Questioned Whether I Should Even Get Out of it Alive”
  • 9. Am I Not a Man and a Brother?
  • 10. A Place Beyond the Seas
  • 11. “Ramsay is Dead — I Have Killed Him”
  • 12. An Eighteenth-Century Book Tour
  • 13. The Blood-Sweetened Beverage
  • 14. Promised Land
  • 15. The Sweets of Liberty
  • 16. High Noon in Parliament
  • 17. Bleak Decade
  • 18. At the Foot of Vesuvius
  • 19. Redcoats' Graveyard
  • 20. “These Gilded Africans”
  • 21. A Side Wind
  • 22. Am I Not a Woman and a Sister?
  • 23. “Come, Shout o'er the Grave”