Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud: Transform Your Business Using Social Media, Mobile Internet, and Cloud Computing

  • 6h 33m 17s
  • Ted Shelton
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Fully exploit new conditions and opportunities created by current technological changes.

The combined impact of social technologies, the mobile internet, and cloud computing are creating incredible new business opportunities. They are also destroying unprepared companies, transforming industries, and leaving behind workers who are unwilling or unable to adapt. Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud reveals a compelling view from PwC of how the social mobile cloud and a combination of new technology changes are key players in a digital transformation in business and society that is moving more quickly and cutting more deeply than any technology transformation ever seen.

For companies to succeed, leaders must understand how to stay ahead of their competitors in adapting to the new conditions and opportunities. In Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud, PwC's Ted Shelton describes the tectonic changes currently underway - and to come - plus why they are happening, what to expect, and what you must do.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - A Remote Control for the World
  • Chapter 2 - Social Means Connected: Compete with Yourself, Collaborate with Others
  • Chapter 3 - Mobile: The Great Untethering
  • Chapter 4 - Plug Yourself into the Cloud
  • Chapter 5 - ADAPT: Adapting to Change
  • Chapter 6 - Persistent Digital Engagement: The New Digital Consumer
  • Chapter 7 - Digitization: The Rising Value of Information in Products and Services
  • Chapter 8 - Crowd Storming, Crowd Sourcing, Collaboration, Co-Creation
  • Chapter 9 - Hierarchy Will Yield to Networks, Remaking Organizations
  • Chapter 10 - How We Buy: Redefining Shopping and Payment
  • Chapter 11 - The Game of Work, the Work of Game
  • Chapter 12 - Work and the Workplace Reimagined
  • Chapter 13 - Understanding Change
  • Chapter 14 - Undoing Our Resistance to Learning
  • Chapter 15 - Systems Thinking
  • Chapter 16 - Decision Making
  • Chapter 17 - Seven Steps to Adaptability


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