Change with Confidence: Answers to the 50 Biggest Questions that Keep Change Leaders Up at Night

  • 6h 50m 55s
  • Phil Buckley
  • Gildan Media
  • 2017

If you have been charged with leading a change initiative, chances are you were chosen for the job—that is, you didn’t volunteer, but rather were tapped to lead or manage a large change project. You may have been given a short briefing and left to your own devices to succeed or fail in an uncertain, often threatening, environment. You may find yourself struggling to adapt your skill set to unfamiliar and anxiety-inducing conditions, conscious that your performance will affect your future career paths.

Change with Confidence addresses the 50 biggest questions that change leaders ask time and again, and provides the context, examples, and advice to answer them well, and to enable successful, sustainable change. Whether you’re trying to figure it out, are in the planning stage, are actively managing or are working to make it stick, you’ll find guidance for a wide range of issues.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: The Plan—What Do I Bring to the Project?
  • Chapter 2: The Plan—How Do I Identify What Needs to Change?
  • Chapter 3: The Plan—What Have We Done Before, and Did It Work?
  • Chapter 4: The Plan—What Other Change Projects Are Going On?
  • Chapter 5: Communication—Who Are the Stakeholders Who Can Influence Success?
  • Chapter 6: Communication—What Is the Water Cooler Talk about Your Proposed Change?
  • Chapter 7: Getting Results—What Do I Need to Know Before I Commit to Deliverables?
  • Chapter 8: Getting Results—How Do I Measure Success?
  • Chapter 9: Getting Results—Will the Change Actually Achieve the Desired Outcome?
  • Chapter 10: Getting Results—How Do I Avoid Scope Creep?
  • Chapter 11: The Plan—What Does a Good Plan Look Like?
  • Chapter 12: The Plan—How Do I Get the Budget to Do It Right?
  • Chapter 13: The Plan—What Governance Is Required to Run the Project?
  • Chapter 14: The Plan—How Do I Prepare People to Work in New Ways?
  • Chapter 15: The Plan—How Do I Reduce Risk?
  • Chapter 16: Resources—How Do I Know What Resources I Need?
  • Chapter 17: Resources—What Makes a Good Project Manager?
  • Chapter 18: Resources—How Do I Get the Best People to Join the Project Team?
  • Chapter 19: Resources—How Do I Know If a Consultant Can Help Me?
  • Chapter 20: How Do I Set Up the Project Team for Success?
  • Chapter 21: Communication—How Do I Get Leaders to Personally Commit to the Project?
  • Chapter 22: Communication—How Can I Help Leaders Prepare for Their Roles?
  • Chapter 23: Communication—How Do I Describe the Better Future My Project Will Bring?
  • Chapter 24: Communication—How Do I Get People to Care about My Project?
  • Chapter 25: Communication—How Do I Make My Project the Highest Priority?
  • Chapter 26: Communication—How Do I Communicate to the Organization?
  • Chapter 27: The Plan—How Do I Manage My Day Job, Change Project, and Life?
  • Chapter 28: The Plan—When Is the Organization Ready for Big Change?
  • Chapter 29: Resources—How Should We Celebrate Wins?
  • Chapter 30: Resources—How Do I Get More Resources If I Need Them?
  • Chapter 31: Resources—How Do I Avoid Losing Team Members?
  • Chapter 32: Resources—What Do I Do If Someone Is Pulled from My Team?
  • Chapter 33: Resources—How Do I Keep the Project Team Energized?
  • Chapter 34: Communication—How Do I Manage My Stakeholders?
  • Chapter 35: Communication—How Can I Minimize Change Fatigue?
  • Chapter 36: Communication—How Do I Overcome Resistance?
  • Chapter 37: Communication—How Do I Know Communications Are Working?
  • Chapter 38: Communication—How Do I Get a Leader Back On Side?
  • Chapter 39: Communication—How Do I Get a New Business Leader's Support?
  • Chapter 40: Communication—What Do I Do When I Don't Know What to Do?
  • Chapter 41: Communication—How Do I Communicate a Delay in the Project?
  • Chapter 42: Communication—How Do I Demonstrate Progress?
  • Chapter 43: The Plan—How Do I Prevent the Return of Old Ways of Working?
  • Chapter 44: The Plan—How Do I Hand Over Responsibilities to the Business?
  • Chapter 45: The Plan—How Do I Record Lessons Learned?
  • Chapter 46: The Plan—How Do I Reenter the Business?
  • Chapter 47: Resources—How Do I Plan for Post-Launch Support?
  • Chapter 48: Resources—How Do I Reward the Team?
  • Chapter 49: Getting Results—How Do I Keep the Change Alive?
  • Chapter 50: Getting Results—How Do I Show that the Project Was a Success?


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