Cloud FinOps: Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Value Decision Making, 2nd Edition

  • 15h 48m 49s
  • J.R. Storment, Mike Fuller
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

FinOps brings financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud. Used by the majority of global enterprises, this management practice has grown from a fringe activity to the de facto discipline managing cloud spend. In this book, authors J. R. Storment and Mike Fuller outline the process of building a culture of cloud FinOps by drawing on real-world successes and failures of large-scale cloud spenders.

Engineering and finance teams, executives, and FinOps practitioners alike will learn how to build an efficient and effective FinOps machine for data-driven cloud value decision-making. Complete with a road map to get you started, this revised second edition includes new chapters that cover forecasting, sustainability, and connectivity to other frameworks.

You'll learn: the DNA of a highly functional cloud FinOps culture; a road map to build executive support for FinOps adoption; how to understand and forecast your cloud spending; how to empower engineering and finance to work together; cost allocation strategies to create accountability for cloud and container spend; strategies for rate discounts from cloud commitments; when and how to implement automation of repetitive cost tasks; and how to empower engineering team action on cost efficiency.

About the Author

J.R. is Executive Director of the FinOps Foundation (a program of the Linux Foundation), co-author of O'Reilly's book on cloud financial management called "Cloud FinOps, Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management", and was formerly the co-founder of Cloudability which was acquired by Apptio, where he served as the GM of Cloud & VP of Product. He has spent the last 25 years building web platforms and the last 10 working with thousands of the largest cloud spenders in the worldâ??from GE to Nike to BP to Atlassian to Uber to Spotifyâ?? to design strategies to optimize and analyze their cloud financial management discipline.

Mike Fuller has worked at Atlassian's Sydney Australia head office for the past 10 years, currently as a Principal Engineer in the Cloud FinOps Team. Mike's role at Atlassian has him working with most of the AWS Services and assisting teams inside Atlassian to operate with security, high availability and cost efficiency. Mike was a key member in building Atlassian’s cloud center of excellence which is responsible for the design, governance, and implementation of best practices at Atlassian. Mike holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and 9 AWS certifications and has presented at multiple AWS Re: Invent and AWS Summit events on topics involving AWS Security and Cost Optimisation.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - What Is FinOps?
  • Chapter 2 - Why FinOps?
  • Chapter 3 - Cultural Shift and the FinOps Team
  • Chapter 4 - The Language of FinOps
  • Chapter 5 - Anatomy of the Cloud Bill
  • Chapter 6 - Adopting FinOps
  • Chapter 7 - The FinOps Foundation Framework
  • Chapter 8 - The UI of FinOps
  • Chapter 9 - The FinOps Lifecycle
  • Chapter 10 - Inform Phase: Where Are You Right Now?
  • Chapter 11 - Allocation: No Dollar Left Behind
  • Chapter 12 - Tags, Labels, and Accounts, Oh My!
  • Chapter 13 - Accurate Forecasting
  • Chapter 14 - Optimize Phase: Adjusting to Hit Goals
  • Chapter 15 - Using Less: Usage Optimization
  • Chapter 16 - Paying Less: Rate Optimization
  • Chapter 17 - Understanding Commitment-Based Discounts
  • Chapter 18 - Building a Commitment-Based Discount Strategy
  • Chapter 19 - Sustainability: FinOps Partnering with GreenOps
  • Chapter 20 - Operate: Aligning Teams to Business Goals
  • Chapter 21 - Automating Cost Management
  • Chapter 22 - Metric-Driven Cost Optimization
  • Chapter 23 - FinOps for the Container World
  • Chapter 24 - Partnering with Engineers to Enable FinOps
  • Chapter 25 - Connectivity to Other Frameworks
  • Chapter 26 - FinOps Nirvana: Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Chapter 27 - You Are the Secret Ingredient