Coaching for Breakthrough Success: Proven Techniques for Making Impossible Dreams Possible

  • 8h 18m 52s
  • Jack Canfield, Peter Chee
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2014

Combining time-tested principles of exemplary coaches with the latest disruptive techniques used by the world's top-performing leaders, this step-by-step playbook shows you how to nurture in yourself and others the three essential requirements of coaching excellence.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: The Coaching Spirit
  • Chapter 2: Relationship and Trust
  • Chapter 3: Asking Questions and Curiosity
  • Chapter 4: Listening and Intuition
  • Chapter 5: Feedback and Awareness
  • Chapter 6: Suggestions and Simplification
  • Chapter 7: Goals and Action Plans
  • Chapter 8: Accountability and Accomplishments
  • Chapter 9: The Six Paradigms of Situational Coaching
  • Chapter 10: Taking Full Responsibility for Results
  • Chapter 11: Building Self-Esteem and Removing Roadblocks
  • Chapter 12: Clarifying Your Life Purpose and Vision
  • Chapter 13: Setting Effective Goals
  • Chapter 14: Visualizing and Affirming Desired Outcomes
  • Chapter 15: Planning for Action and Taking Massive Action
  • Chapter 16: Using Feedback, Learning, and Perseverance to Your Advantage
  • Chapter 17: Using the Law of Attraction and Celebrating Success
  • Chapter 18: Making the Impossible Dream Possible