Collaborative Intelligence: Thinking With People Who Think Differently

  • 8h 47m 29s
  • Angie McArthur, Dawna Markova
  • Random House
  • 2015

Collaborative Intelligence is the culmination of more than fifty years of original research that draws on Dawna Markova’s background in cognitive neuroscience and her most recent work, with Angie McArthur, as a “Professional Thinking Partner” to some of the world’s top CEOs and creative professionals. Markova and McArthur are experts at getting brilliant yet difficult people to think together. They have been brought in to troubleshoot for Fortune 500 leaders in crisis and managers struggling to inspire their teams.

In this Audiobook

  • Recognizing How Your Mind Works
  • Recognizing How Others' Minds Work
  • Uncovering Your Thinking Talents
  • Becoming a Thinking Partner to Others
  • Discovering Your Inquiry Style
  • Discovering the Inquiry Styles of Others
  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Shifting the Mindsets of Others


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