Common-Sense Business: Principles for Profitable Leadership

  • 6h 58m 28s
  • Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Whitney MacMillan
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2017

From two of the world’s most successful business leaders comes Common-Sense Business―an accessible, actionable guide to better leadership, increased profits, and a more sustainable economic model predicated on prudence and socially conscious business.

Common sense and prudence have long been among the guiding tenets of society, but in today’s economy they have been completely abandoned in the interest of blindly maximizing profits. Common-Sense Business shows that this current economic model is both detrimental and unsustainable, and that we must transform the global economy along the lines of common sense toward the common good. Ted Malloch, a thought leader and policy influencer in global economic strategy, and Whitney MacMillan, the former chairman and CEO of the world’s largest private corporation, draw on recent research, history’s greatest minds, and their own successes to explain that ethically driven business is both a moral and financial necessity.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: What is Common-Sense Business?
  • Chapter 2: Lessons in Prudence from Ancient Wisdom
  • Chapter 3: Patient Capital
  • Chapter 4: The Addictive Lure of Financial Doping
  • Chapter 5: Practical Skills for Common-Sense Business
  • Chapter 6: The Virtue Matrix
  • Chapter 7: A Disappointment, a Turnaround, a Smart Step, and a Fresh Start
  • Chapter 8: Cargill: Building Trust
  • Chapter 9: A Point About People
  • Chapter 10: Common Sense Around the World
  • Chapter 11: Miele: Surviving and Thriving
  • Chapter 12: Tools
  • Chapter 13: Common Sense in the Not-for-Profit Sector
  • Chapter 14: Let Markets Work
  • Chapter 15: The Future of Common-Sense Business