Communications Skills for Project Managers

  • 7h 33m 23s
  • Michael Campbell
  • Gildan Media
  • 2018

According to the Project Management Institute, more than 80 percent of a project manager's job is communication - yet most project-management guides hardly discuss it. Communications Skills for Project Managers provides practical advice and strategies for ensuring success, even in the face of shifting organizational priorities, constantly evolving expectations, and leadership turnover. This important guide gives listeners the skills they need to keep everyone in the loop.

Listeners will find out how they can: keep those on the project team - as well as upper management - involved and informed; establish a plan for communication; effectively present to stakeholders; compete with other initiatives within the organization; convey reasons for change; and more.

Even a project that is brought in on time and on budget can be considered a failure if those outside a project team haven't been kept informed. This audiobook provides listeners with the skills they need for ensured project success, every time.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Linking Projects and Strategy Through Effective Communications
  • Chapter 2 - Preparing the Leadership
  • Chapter 3 - Writing the Project Charter
  • Chapter 4 - Establishing the Team and Communicating with the Business
  • Chapter 5 - Common Elements for All Communications
  • Chapter 6 - Writing the Case for Change
  • Chapter 7 - Analyzing Changes to Business Process
  • Chapter 8 - Developing Support for the New Business Processes
  • Chapter 9 - Developing an Operations Integration Plan
  • Chapter 10 - Developing the Communications for the Project
  • Chapter 11 - Writing the Project Plan Memorandum for the Executive Team
  • Chapter 12 - Using Communications to Handle Risks
  • Chapter 13 - Presenting to Stakeholders during Project Execution
  • Chapter 14 - Communicating about Problems
  • Chapter 15 - Communicating Scope Changes
  • Chapter 16 - Communicating with Operations
  • Chapter 17 - Preparing Operations to Accept the Deliverables
  • Chapter 18 - Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Chapter 19 - Handling Competition with other Initiatives
  • Chapter 20 - Writing the Close-Out Report
  • Chapter 21 - Providing Feedback to Your Project Team
  • Chapter 22 - Crossing the Finish Line