Corporate Turnaround Artistry: Fix Any Business in 100 Days

  • 7h 53m 2s
  • Jeff Sands CTP
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

How to steer your business through times of financial distress and achieve sustained profitability

Corporate Turnaround Artistry is a complete guide for entrepreneurial companies in times of financial distress - presenting effective strategies and proven methods to revive and rehabilitate your business. Uncertain economic times have significantly altered the financial resources available to struggling businesses. Narrowing margins and mounting internal and external pressure has taken their toll on many companies. Fortunately, most businesses can be repaired while maintaining their existing revenue structure. Offering practical steps that go beyond simple cost-cutting and sales-building advice, this invaluable guide teaches you how to control cash, secure financial relief, and develop a comprehensive turnaround plan that your employees, customers, and creditors will support.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of assuming new debt when tough times strike. Author and certified turnaround practitioner Jeff Sands shows that to many struggling businesses, more money is no longer the answer to the problem. Expert advice on topics including cashflow stabilization, short and long-term profit sustainability, lean management techniques, and more, provides the framework to timely and efficient corporate turnaround.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Understanding Corporate Turnarounds
  • Chapter 2 - Crisis Leadership
  • Chapter 3 - Controlling Cash
  • Chapter 4 - When Banks Attack
  • Chapter 5 - Turnaround Management
  • Chapter 6 - Arsonists and Regulators
  • Chapter 7 - Insolvency and the Law
  • Chapter 8 - Debt Restructuring Out of Court
  • Chapter 9 - Strategic Exits
  • Chapter 10 - Building Long-Term Value