Creative Conflict: A Practical Guide for Business Negotiators

  • 8h 9m 1s
  • Ascent Audio, Barry Abrams, Bill Sanders, Frank Mobus
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

Almost everything is negotiable. And in no field is this clearer than in business, where every day we work with others to get things done. But when we have real differences, is win-win always possible?

Over the last half century, two opposing philosophies have ruled the field of negotiation: the win-lose, tooth-and-nail approach of training guru Chester Karrass; and the win-win, "principled" creed of Getting to Yes, developed by Roger Fisher and William Ury. But neither approach fully meets the challenge of today's volatile, disruptive, ultracompetitive business environment, where strategic problem-solving is of critical importance.

In Creative Conflict, negotiation experts Bill Sanders and Frank Mobus provide something new. They use a dynamic, dialectical approach to show how negotiations are driven by competition and cooperation at the same time. They believe that when we tiptoe around conflict, we negotiate in a halfhearted way that limits our results. By contrast, creative negotiators probe and push until they hit a wall of disagreement, and then they figure out how to get past it. The authors construct a clear and useful framework based on three distinct negotiating contexts: bargaining, creative deal-making, and relationship building.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Negotiating a New Era
  • 2. The Mobus Negotiating Continuum
  • 3. Mental Models
  • 4. Overcoming Our Fears
  • 5. Bargaining Strategies
  • 6. Bargaining Tactics
  • 7. Drawing a Map: Advanced Bargaining in Three Acts
  • 8. Moving Around the Table
  • 9. Creative Dealmaking: Strategies and Tactics
  • 10. Joining Forces
  • 11. The Sole Source
  • 12. Team Negotiations
  • 13. Internal Negotiations