Data for All

  • 6h 56m 40s
  • John K. Thompson
  • Manning Publications
  • 2023

Do you know what happens to your personal data when you are browsing, buying, or using apps? Discover how your data is harvested and exploited, and what you can do to access, delete, and monetize it.

Data for All empowers everyone—from tech experts to the general public—to control how third parties use personal data. Read this eye-opening book to learn:

  • The types of data you generate with every action, every day
  • Where your data is stored, who controls it, and how much money they make from it
  • How you can manage access and monetization of your own data
  • Restricting data access to only companies and organizations you want to support
  • The history of how we think about data, and why that is changing
  • The new data ecosystem being built right now for your benefit

The data you generate every day is the lifeblood of many large companies—and they make billions of dollars using it. In Data for All, bestselling author John K. Thompson outlines how this one-sided data economy is about to undergo a dramatic change. Thompson pulls back the curtain to reveal the true nature of data ownership, and how you can turn your data from a revenue stream for companies into a financial asset for your benefit.

about the technology

Do you know what happens to your personal data when you’re browsing and buying? New global laws are turning the tide on companies who make billions from your clicks, searches, and likes. This eye-opening book provides an inspiring vision of how you can take back control of the data you generate every day.

about the book

Data for All gives you a step-by-step plan to transform your relationship with data and start earning a “data dividend”—hundreds or thousands of dollars paid out simply for your online activities. You’ll learn how to oversee who accesses your data, how much different types of data are worth, and how to keep private details private.

About the Author

John K. Thompson is an international technology executive with over 37 years of experience in the fields of data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - A History of Data
  • Chapter 2 - How Data Works Today
  • Chapter 3 - You and Your Data
  • Chapter 4 - Trust
  • Chapter 5 - Privacy
  • Chapter 6 - Moving from Open Data to Our Data
  • Chapter 7 - Derived Data, Synthetic Data, and Analytics
  • Chapter 8 - Looking Forward: What’s next for Our Data?