Dear White Woman, Please Come Home: Hand Me Your Bias, and I'll Show You Our Connection

  • 3h 57m 53s
  • Kimberlee Yolanda Williams
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2023

Dear White Woman, Please Come Home is Kimberlee Yolanda Williams's invitation to white women longing for authentic friendship with Black and brown women, the kind of friendship with no place for secrets, the kind of relationship where truth-telling is welcome, even when it hurts.

The idea for the book was born after attending a workshop that left her shaken and angry. In it, Kimberlee listened as white woman after white woman didn't understand how this or that comment, custom, behavior, or norm so negatively impacted women of color. Eventually she had an epiphany: How could white women know what we (Black and brown women) go through if we don't tell them?

In the resulting book she explores with vulnerability, sorrow, rage, and humor how white women, often despite best intentions, signal to her and other women of color to proceed with caution when in their presence. The letters' story arc, combined with end-of-chapter questions for deep reflection, offer white women insight to the damage done as well as to what it takes to "come home," to be trusted. The question throughout the book lingers until the very last letter: Will Kimberlee find her long lost "sister"? Will she want to "come home"? Be ready to "come home"?

About the Author

Kimberlee Yolanda Williams In her work as an educator, DEI administrator, workshop leader, public speaker, coach, consultant, and author, Kimberlee Yolanda Williams brings a mix of authenticity and raw truth. She is known for finding humor and challenge at just the right moments, and like the best of coaches, leaning in and pushing audiences to push themselves. Kimberlee lives in Seattle with her partner where they refuel by reading and relaxing near any body of water. Dear White Woman, Please Come Home is Kimberlee's attempt to share with readers what her clients, workshop attendees, and audience members have felt for years. Kimberlee received a BA in foreign language education from the University of Maryland (go Terps!), as well as an MS in education from Dominican University. She currently lives in Seattle with her partner where they refuel by being in community (with other folks of color), reading and reading some more, and relaxing near any body of water.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - From My Heart to Your Hands
  • Chapter 2 - Let's Clear This Up
  • Chapter 3 - It's Your Face on the Milk Carton
  • Chapter 4 - The King's English
  • Chapter 5 - Your Lips Must Be Numb
  • Chapter 6 - Where's That Ding?!
  • Chapter 7 - Unhoused for the Holidays
  • Chapter 8 - It's Just Jam!
  • Chapter 9 - Big Hair, Don't Care
  • Chapter 10 - It's Always the Same With You
  • Chapter 11 - She Ain't Welcome Here!
  • Chapter 12 - What's There to Sing About?
  • Chapter 13 - And You Think We're Violent?
  • Chapter 14 - Wait Your Turn!
  • Chapter 15 - Happy Father's Day
  • Chapter 16 - All Money Is Green
  • Chapter 17 - Who Asked You?
  • Chapter 18 - The Back of the Bus
  • Chapter 19 - May I Help You Find Something?
  • Chapter 20 - Got A Tissue?
  • Chapter 21 - You Always Did Ruin a Good Movie
  • Chapter 22 - What Would It Take For You To See Me?!
  • Chapter 23 - Living on Borrowed Strength
  • Chapter 24 - Head of the Table
  • Chapter 25 - Meet Christopher!
  • Chapter 26 - Do This Today!
  • Chapter 27 - More American Than You
  • Chapter 28 - Love. Found. Me.
  • Chapter 29 - That Stomach-Ache ain't from Too Much Birthday Cake!
  • Chapter 30 - Sucks Being a Woman, Don't It?
  • Chapter 31 - I'll Have an Extra-Large Cup of Joy, Please
  • Chapter 32 - She's an Only Pup
  • Chapter 33 - Fireworks and Lightning
  • Chapter 34 - Bring Me Back a Keychain
  • Chapter 35 - Each One, Reach One, and Teach One
  • Chapter 36 - Am I On Mute?
  • Chapter 37 - One Planet, Two Pandemics
  • Chapter 38 - Who's Karen?
  • Chapter 39 - So Close
  • Chapter 40 - Finally, You Found Me