Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

  • 7h 19m 19s
  • Bill Aulet
  • Gildan Media
  • 2013

Disciplined Entrepreneurship will change the way you think about starting a company. Many believe that entrepreneurship cannot be taught, but great entrepreneurs aren’t born with something special – they simply make great products. This book will show you how to create a successful startup through developing an innovative product. It breaks down the necessary processes into an integrated, comprehensive, and proven 24-step framework that any industrious person can learn and apply.

In this Audiobook

  • STEP 0 Getting Started
  • STEP 1 Market Segmentation
  • STEP 2 Select a Beachhead Market
  • STEP 3 Build an End User Profile
  • STEP 4 Calculate the Total Addressable Market (TAM) Size for the Beachhead Market
  • STEP 5 Profile the Persona for the Beachhead Market
  • STEP 6 Full Life Cycle Use Case
  • STEP 7 High-Level Product Specification
  • STEP 8 Quantify the Value Proposition
  • STEP 9 Identify Your Next 10 Customers
  • STEP 10 Define Your Core
  • STEP 11 Chart Your Competitive Position
  • STEP 12 Determine the Customer's Decision-Making Unit (DMU)
  • STEP 13 Map the Process to Acquire a Paying Customer
  • STEP 14 Calculate the Total Addressable Market Size for Follow-on Markets
  • STEP 15 Design a Business Model
  • STEP 16 Set Your Pricing Framework
  • STEP 17 Calculate the Lifetime Value (LTV) of an Acquired Customer
  • STEP 18 Map the Sales Process to Acquire a Customer
  • STEP 19 Calculate the Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA)
  • STEP 20 Identify Key Assumptions
  • STEP 21 Test Key Assumptions
  • STEP 22 Define the Minimum Viable Business Product (MVBP)
  • STEP 23 Show That “The Dogs Will Eat the Dog Food”
  • STEP 24 Develop a Product Plan