Donny Ebenstein on the Other Side of the Story

  • 12m 41s
  • Donny Ebenstein
  • 2013

When it's time to ask your boss for a promotion or a raise, the conventional wisdom is to role play the conversation with a friend standing in for your boss to give you a chance to script what you want to say. Donny Ebenstein has some unconventional wisdom: switch places, put yourself in your boss' shoes. This approach to communication, understanding the point of view of the person you're talking to, is the cornerstone of Donny's new book I Hear You, published by AMACOM, where communication isn't just about hearing but also about understanding. AMA is a world-class leadership development provider in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our training is internationally recognized by 9 professional associations and the majority of the Fortune 500 companies.

In this Audiobook

  • AMA Edgewise: Donny Ebenstein on the Other Side of the Story
  • Introduction
  • Interview
  • Conclusion