Dream It, Do It, Live It: 9 Easy Steps To Making Things Happen For You

  • 4h 13m 59s
  • Ciprian Adrian Rusen, Richard Newton
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

A practical nine-step productivity guide for turning your dreams into realities.

When you think of project management, you probably think of business projects and boring meetings. But every project, personal and professional, needs to be properly managed if you expect to turn what you can dream up into a reality you can live. We all have dreams we're passionate about - getting ahead at work, starting a business, or even learning to play an instrument - but it's difficult to live your dreams without a framework for getting from vision to achievement.

Dream It, Do It, Live It offers practical, understandable, and doable guidance on achieving any goal in nine easy steps. With case studies of real people who achieved their own dreams, this easy-to-understand guide will help you focus on the dream you want to make real and the constructive and meaningful steps you can take to today to make that dream happen. No matter where you want to go in life, there's always a way to get there. Dream It, Do It, Live It gives you the practical, real-world advice you need to set out on the road to your ultimate success.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Dream
  • Chapter 2 - Think
  • Chapter 3 - Draw
  • Chapter 4 - Start
  • Chapter 5 - Progress
  • Chapter 6 - Persevere
  • Chapter 7 - Look Forward
  • Chapter 8 - Arrive
  • Chapter 9 - Dream Some More