Edge Strategy: A New Mindset for Profitable Growth

  • 6h 56m 28s
  • Alan Lewis, Dan McKone
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2016

In today’s volatile economic environment, filled with uncertainty and sudden change, the forces pushing you to stay focused on the core business are extremely powerful. Profiting from the core is crucial, but the danger is that overfocus on the core can blind companies. Scanning the horizon for new markets and new products can also be tempting, but risky. Fixating too much on either strategy can cause you to miss the substantial opportunities for growth that are often hidden in plain sight, at the edge of the core business.

In this insightful yet practical book, strategy experts Alan Lewis and Dan McKone articulate a mindset that helps leaders recognize and capitalize on these opportunities.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 THE EDGE EFFECT: Why Edges Are Powerful
  • Chapter 2 EDGE OF THE PRODUCT: Rescoping the Boundaries of Your Offer
  • Chapter 3 EDGE OF THE JOURNEY: Completing the Customer's Mission
  • Chapter 4 EDGE OF THE ENTERPRISE: Viewing Your Assets from the Outside
  • Chapter 5 EFFECTIVE UPSELLING: Redefining “Even Better” Solutions
  • Chapter 6 DEALING WITH MARGIN PRESSURE: Staying Profitable Despite Headwinds
  • Chapter 7 BEATING THE COMMODITIZATION CYCLE: Sharpening Differentiation with Less Risk
  • Chapter 8 THE EDGE OF BIG DATA: Enabling New Ways to Create Value
  • Chapter 9 A NEW MINDSET FOR M&A: Getting Real Value from Synergies
  • Chapter 10 FINDING YOUR EDGE: A Ten-Step Guide