Elevate the Debate: A Multi-layered Approach to Communicating Your Research

  • 5h 58m 44s
  • Jonathan Schwabish
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Many researchers, scholars, and analysts fail to develop communication strategies that work in today's crowded landscape of content, research, and data. To be successful, modern researchers need to share their insights with the wider audience that lies beyond academia.

Elevate the Debate helps researchers of all types more effectively communicate their work in any number of areas, from traditional news outlets to the new media platforms of the digital age. After listening to this book, you will be inspired and equipped to use traditional and digital media environments to your advantage. This real-world guide helps you present your data-driven research with greater clarity, coherence, and impact.

An array of practical strategies and proven techniques enables you to make your research accessible to diverse audiences, form engaging narratives, and design and implement meaningful outreach plans. Each chapter examines a specific communications strategy, such as data visualization, presentation skills, social media, blog writing, and reporter interactions.

Written by expert members of the Urban Institute's Communication department, and edited by Jonathan Schwabish, a Senior Fellow at Urban, Elevate the Debate guides you on how to use the media environment to your advantage and make a difference through policy insights and policy solutions.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Why Research Needs a Big Audience
  • Chapter 2 - Developing an Audience Outreach Strategy
  • Chapter 3 - An Introduction to Visualizing Your Research
  • Chapter 4 - Better Presentations: More Effective Speaking
  • Chapter 5 - How to Blog about Your Findings
  • Chapter 6 - Working with the Media to Increase Your Impact
  • Chapter 7 - Social Media Can Build Audiences That Matter
  • Chapter 8 - Putting it All Together to Make a Difference