Energy Rising: The Neuroscience of Leading with Emotional Power

  • 5h 49m 13s
  • Julia DiGangi
  • Gildan Media
  • 2023

Your drive to create change, catalyze impact, and build relationships all come from neuroelectrical energy-real, electrical impulses-firing in your brain. Who you are as a person depends on how you work with this energy. When this energy rises within you, you feel empowered and dynamic. But when this energy falls, you feel down, stressed, and defeated.

You may feel as if you don't control your emotional energy, that it's an inevitable consequence of the world around you and the forces bearing down on you. But that's not the case. To reach your full potential, you can learn to recognize and harness the energy in your brain. Leading neuropsychologist Julia DiGangi will teach you how through eight "codes." Some of the codes will surprise you. All will fortify you. You will learn why these codes work and how to apply them to your own challenges through exercises and reflections.

When you start viewing your life less about the activities you do and more about the natural energies within and around you, your power to live and lead with impact grows exponentially. Energy Rising offers you a provocative and neuroscientifically accurate path to greater emotional power, influence, and connection, both at work and at home. Get ready to feel your energy rising.

About the Author

Dr.Julia DiGangi is a neuropsychologist who completed her clinical training at a consortium of Harvard Medical School, Boston University School of Medicine, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. She has nearly two decades of experience studying the connection between our brains and our behavior. Dr. DiGangi has worked with leaders at the White House Press Office, global companies, international NGOs, and US Special Forces. Her understanding of stress, trauma, and resilience is also informed by her work in international development and humanitarian aid, where she served some of the world's most vulnerable communities. The founder of NeuroHealth Partners, a neuropsychology-based consultancy, DiGangi shows people—at work and at home—how to harness the power of the brain to lead more satisfying and emotionally intelligent lives.

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In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Code 1 - Expand Your Emotional Power How To Transform Your Emotional Pain Into Emotional Power
  • Code 2 - Build Your Power Pattern How To Harness The Brain’s Pattern-Detection Abilities
  • Code 3 - Harness Your Emotional Energetics How To Work With Your Deepest Emotion In The Toughest Situations
  • Code 4 - Master Uncertainty How To Stay Emotionally Powerful In The Energy Of Uncertainty
  • Code 5 - Rewire Your Source Code How Childhood Directs The Way You Lead Your Life And What To Do About It
  • Code 6 - Quit Commanding How To Release Ineffective Command-And-Control Styles Of Leading
  • Code 7 - Unleash Your Magnetism How To Create Your Most Effortless Leadership
  • Code 8 - Build A Relationship From The Future How To Design Your Most Powerful Relationships At Work And At Home
  • Conclusion: Rising To Power
  • Appendix: Connecting The Codes


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