Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us: How to Create Innovation and Opportunity Everywhere

  • 4h 35m 12s
  • Paul B. Brown
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Today when the competition, technology, and the economy are evolving faster than ever before, organizations and the people like us who work in them need a proven approach to help us adapt - and succeed. The key, according to Paul B. Brown, is to think like an entrepreneur, no matter what your position or industry. What works for the most successful entrepreneurs will work for us, Brown argues, whether we want to stay employed working for someone else or are thinking of going off on our own.

Based on extensive research, Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us reveals the best practices of the most successful entrepreneurs, those who are adept at continually innovating and seeing opportunity where others do not. They do that by following a rigid approach. For example: They never start with a new idea, but by trying to solve a market need. Financing is an afterthought. They get started with the resources at hand (not only does that allow them to move quickly, if things don't work out, they are not out much). Perfect is the enemy of good, it is much more important to get out into the marketplace with a prototype than to keep fiddling with what you have.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: How This Book Can Help You
  • Chapter 2: How the Best Entrepreneurs Think
  • Chapter 3: Always Start with a Market Need (And Not the Great Idea)
  • Chapter 4: The Secret of Marketing? Compete Differently
  • Chapter 5: Don't Set Out to Become Rich
  • Chapter 6: You Need Less Money Than You Think
  • Chapter 7: Building the Team
  • Chapter 8: How the Most Successful People Turn Obstacles into Assets
  • Chapter 9: Getting Motivated and Staying Motivated for the Long Haul