Evergreen: Cultivate the Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving

  • 7h 23m 21s
  • Noah Fleming
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Loyal customers are the beating heart of every great business. So why do so many companies act like adrenalin junkies, chasing after new customers at the expense of creating deeper, more profitable relationships with the ones they already have?

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Debunking the Myth: New Customers will Not Save Your Business
  • Chapter 2: Surveying the Landscape: The Essential Components of an Evergreen Organization
  • Chapter 3: Examining the Principle of Character: The Botany of Your Company
  • Chapter 4: Examining the Principle of Community: Creating a Forest from a Single Seed
  • Chapter 5: Examining the Principle of Content: The Beauty of Having a Multitude of Branches
  • Chapter 6: Becoming Intimately Familiar with Your Customers: Getting Your Hands in the Soil
  • Chapter 7: Getting Loyalty Programs Right: Building a Tree House and Letting Your Customers Climb to Reach It
  • Chapter 8: Articulating a New Approach to Customer Service: Tending to Your Garden (and Pulling Those Weeds!)
  • Chapter 9: Gathering Customer Intelligence: Examining the Botany of Individual Leaves
  • Chapter 10: Bringing Back Lost Customers: Bringing Wilted Leaves Back to Life
  • Chapter 11: Bringing in New Customers: Creating Optimal Growing Conditions