Executive Charisma: Six Steps to Mastering the Art of Leadership

  • 4h 13m 13s
  • D.A. Benton
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2004

Bestselling author and world-renowned executive development coach D.A. Benton demonstrates that charismatic executives are not just born, they are made. Executive Charisma will help you

  • Be the first to initiate
  • Expect and give acceptance to maintain esteem
  • Be human, humorous, and hands-on
  • Slow down, shut up, and listen
  • Ask questions, and ask favors
  • Stand tall, straight, and smile

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 Be the First to Initiate
  • Chapter 2 Expect and Give Acceptance to Maintain Esteem
  • Chapter 3 Ask Questions and Ask Favors
  • Chapter 4 Stand Tall, Straight, and Smile
  • Chapter 5 Be Human, Humorous, and Hands On
  • Chapter 6 Slow Down, Shut Up, and Listen
  • Chapter 7 Completing the Puzzle