Executive Recruiting for Dummies

  • 11h 1m 47s
  • David E. Perry, Mark J. Haluska
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2020

Recruiting for high-end executives requires a special skill-set, and Executive Recruiting for Dummies is here to help you add this niche talent to your arsenal. Whether you're an in-house human resources manager or a professional recruiter at a search firm, this friendly guide walks you through each step of filling that senior, executive, or other highly specialized position. This book covers the globalization of talent and the advantages of executive recruiting. It provides expert guidance on finding the right candidates, conducting hardy screening and interviewing processes, closing deals, and more.

There are 10,000,000 businesses in America that hire at least one senior executive a year, and most turn to commissioning a third-party organization, such as an executive search firm. Rather than losing that next top-tier recruiting job, let Executive Recruiting for Dummies show you how to add this highly desirable and sought-after skill to your resume.

Learn to recruit with precision; create a robust interview process; close the deal with a winning offer; and find out how to work with professional recruiters. Discover how to find the best talent and retain and attract clients with the help of Executive Recruiting for Dummies.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - 3, 2, 1, Blastoff! Getting Started with Executive Recruiting
  • Chapter 2 - Talent Show: Why Talent Matters
  • Chapter 3 - Rock and Role: The Role of Recruiting in Business
  • Chapter 4 - Key Club: Identifying Key Personal Characteristics
  • Chapter 5 - Plan Do! Devising a Plan
  • Chapter 6 - Team up: Assembling Your Search Team
  • Chapter 7 - Dividing to Conquer: Parceling Out Your Process
  • Chapter 8 - Don't Be a Tool: Exploring the Tools of the Trade
  • Chapter 9 - Resign of the Times: Reacting to a Resignation
  • Chapter 10 - Documentation Station: Generating the Necessary Documentation
  • Chapter 11 - Research Party: Conducting Candidate Research
  • Chapter 12 - What is This Sourcer-y? Sourcing Candidates
  • Chapter 13 - Recruit Reboot: Recruiting Top Candidates
  • Chapter 14 - Interview Interlude: Interviewing Top Candidates
  • Chapter 15 - Point of Reference: Checking References
  • Chapter 16 - Happily Ever After: Sealing the Deal
  • Chapter 17 - Ten Key Principles of Effective Executive Recruiting
  • Chapter 18 - Ten Keys to Working Successfully with the Search Committee
  • Chapter 19 - Ten Reasons to Use a Professional Recruiter