Executive Toughness: The Mental-Training Program to Increase Your Leadership Performance

  • 6h 5m 23s
  • Jason Selk
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2012

Executive Toughness takes you through the steps of making these critical behaviors part of your everyday routine. Practice your accountability, focus, and optimism, and you’ll be on the path to attaining your goals; make them part of your mental “DNA,” and there will be no turning back—ever.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Define Your Win: Determine Your Purpose and Priorities
  • Chapter 2: Turn Up Your Thermostat: Heat Up Your Performance
  • Chapter 3: The Process of Achievement: Goals That Really Work
  • Chapter 4: Prioritizing the Priorities: Schedule It or Forget It
  • Chapter 5: Accountability Through Self-Evaluation: Learn to Look in the Mirror Every Day
  • Chapter 6: Preparation: Control Your Emotions, Control Your Performance
  • Chapter 7: Script Your Way to Focus: Always Say the Right Thing
  • Chapter 8: The Mental Workout: 100 Seconds a Day Keeps Failure Away
  • Chapter 9: Relentless Solution Focus: The Ultimate Measure of Mental Toughness
  • Chapter 10: Gable Discipline: Optimism Through Unremitting Action


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