Fast Forward Investing: How to Profit from Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Other Technologies Reshaping Our Lives

  • 8h 28m 16s
  • Jon D. Markman
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

Our lives are on the verge of being reshaped by advanced technology. Fast Forward Investing provides the knowledge and insight you need to build and maintain your portfolio accordingly.

Author Jon D. Markman is a veteran tech investor, money manager, and award-winning author of the popular daily newsletter Tech Trend Trader. There's no one more qualified to help you design a portfolio that extracts huge profits from the shares of public technology companies and helps you augment your gains with conviction during stretches of high volatility.

In Fast Forward Investing, Markman describes what to expect, when to expect it, and how to profit in impending technological and economic revolution. Revealing the most important companies in the industry that are right now building platforms and competitive advantages that will disrupt and transform their markets, he reveals which trends are important and provides detailed guidance for staying ahead of the curve.

Radical advances in data collection and analytics, artificial intelligence, and raw computing power are changing human history. And it's happening with sharp advances at incredible speed. Make sure you're at the tip of the spear with Fast Forward Investing.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Cloud Computing: The New Electricity
  • Chapter 2 - Sensors: Analog Becomes Digital
  • Chapter 3 - Decoding the Genome: Stretching the Meaning of Life
  • Chapter 4 - Big Data: Making Sense of it All
  • Chapter 5 - Predictive Analytics: The End of Hit or Miss
  • Chapter 6 - Artificial Intelligence: Computing Evolves
  • Chapter 7 - Robotics: Rise of the Machines
  • Chapter 8 - Blockchain: The Transparency Revolution
  • Chapter 9 - Self-Driving Cars: The Ultimate Paradigm Shift
  • Chapter 10 - The Internet of Things: Smart Networks Everywhere
  • Chapter 11 - Gene Editing: Reshuffling the Building Blocks of Life
  • Chapter 12 - Precision, Nano, and Regenerative Medicine: Science Fiction Meets Reality