Fearless Growth: The New Rules to Stay Competitive, Foster Innovation, and Dominate Your Markets

  • 7h 2m 48s
  • Amanda Setili
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2017

Customer behaviors, business models, technologies, and regulations are evolving quickly, and many of the strategic rules we formerly lived by have become obsolete.

To be able to respond quickly and intelligently to the fast pace of change, we need all levels and functions in our businesses to be creative and responsive. We need both courage and speed.

Fearless Growth provides new rules to enable your company to adapt faster, move faster, and grow faster.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Fearless Growth
  • Chapter 2: Rule #1: Embrace Uncertainty
  • Chapter 3: Rule #2: Get in Sync With Customers
  • Chapter 4: Rule #3: Partner, Borrow, and Share
  • Chapter 5: Rule #4: Connect and Strengthen Your Ecosystem
  • Chapter 6: Rule #5: Open the Floodgates of Employee Creativity
  • Chapter 7: Rule #6: Achieve Fast and Fearless Learning
  • Chapter 8: Rule #7: Build Trust Into All You Do
  • Chapter 9: Implementing Fearless Growth


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