Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports, Fourth Edition

  • 10h 21m 30s
  • Howard M. Schilit, Jeremy Perler, Yoni Engelhart
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2018

This new edition focuses on the key case studies and most important lessons from the past quarter century and brings you up to date on accounting chicanery in the global markets. Howard Schilit and his team of renowned forensic accounting experts expose financial reporting miscreants and unveil the latest methods companies use to mislead investors. You'll learn everything you need to know to unearth deceptive reporting and avoid costly mistakes.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: 25 Years of Shenanigans
  • Chapter 2: Just Touch Up the X-Rays
  • Chapter 3: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 1: Recording Revenue Too Soon
  • Chapter 4: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 2: Recording Bogus Revenue
  • Chapter 5: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 3: Boosting Income Using One-Time or Unsustainable Activities
  • Chapter 6: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 4: Shifting Current Expenses to a Later Period
  • Chapter 7: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 5: Employing other Techniques to Hide Expenses or Losses
  • Chapter 8: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 6: Shifting Current Income to a Later Period
  • Chapter 9: Earnings Manipulation Shenanigan No. 7: Shifting Future Expenses to the Current Period
  • Chapter 10: Cash Flow Shenanigan No. 1: Shifting Financing Cash Inflows to the Operating Section
  • Chapter 11: Cash Flow Shenanigan No. 2: Moving Operating Cash Outflows to other Sections
  • Chapter 12: Cash Flow Shenanigan No. 3: Boosting Operating Cash Flow Using Unsustainable Activities
  • Chapter 13: Key Metric Shenanigan No. 1: Showcasing Misleading Metrics That Overstate Performance
  • Chapter 14: Key Metric Shenanigan No. 2: Distorting Balance Sheet Metrics to Avoid Showing Deterioration
  • Chapter 15: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigan No. 1: Artificially Boosting Revenue and Earnings
  • Chapter 16: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigan No. 2: Inflating Reported Cash Flow
  • Chapter 17: Acquisition Accounting Shenanigan No. 3: Manipulating Key Metrics
  • Chapter 18: The Unraveling
  • Chapter 19: The Forensic Mindset