Find Your Extraordinary: Dream Bigger, Live Happier, and Achieve Success on Your Own Terms

  • 6h 6m 15s
  • Jessica Dilullo Herrin
  • The Random House Audio Publishing Group
  • 2016

What if you could, with a little effort, live an extraordinary life? A life in which you feel deep passion for everything you do and always have time for what matters most? A life in which you have the power, the daring, and the will to make your boldest dreams come true, all while you happily leave feelings of inadequacy or guilt behind?

Yes, it is possible to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. The secret? Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit inside you - the spirit that allows you to embrace your individuality, to look not just at what is but at what could be, to believe in yourself beyond reason and to step up to creating your own definition of happiness and success - a version of success in which work and family life happily coexist - instead of chasing a cookie-cutter version.

Here, Jessica Herrin, serial entrepreneur and founder and CEO of the Stella & Dot Family Brands, shows how the classic traits of successful entrepreneurs are ones each one of us can develop - and use not only to create companies but also to create extraordinary lives. Whether we work corporate jobs, run families, or run our own businesses, Herrin offers realistic, attainable steps each one of us can take to achieve extraordinary success on our own terms. Through candid and inspiring lessons from her life as a successful CEO and working mother of two as well as stories of many amazing individuals she's met along the way, Herrin inspires and empowers us to dial up the sound of our own voices and make our authentic dreams into reality.

This book isn't about having it all; it's about having what matters most to you. It is about how to find your extraordinary - your extraordinary career, your extraordinary happiness, your extraordinary life.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Say Good-bye, Ordinary
  • Chapter 2 - Believe in Yourself Beyond Reason
  • Chapter 3 - Passion
  • Chapter 4 - Your Path of Least Regret
  • Chapter 5 - The Power of a Positive Mind
  • Chapter 6 - People
  • Chapter 7 - Perseverance
  • Chapter 8 - Productivity: Dropping the Rubber Balls
  • Chapter 9 - Gratitude
  • Chapter 10 - One Tribe