Forever Skills: The 12 Skills to Futureproof Yourself, Your Team, and Your Kids

  • 6h 17m 57s
  • Dan Gregory, Kieran Flanagan
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

What skills will matter most for work, business, and life in the future? Where should you focus your energy and effort when the world is changing at an extraordinary rate? How can you future proof yourself, your organization, and your kids?

In this groundbreaking book Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory have interviewed hundreds of successful business people, educators, futurists, economists, and historians to uncover the key skills that will always be critical to success in business and in life.

Where most futurists increase your sense of panic and anxiety with dystopian images of the not-too-distant future characterized by Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking our jobs, algorithms hacking our most private moments, and Austrian-accented cyborgs raising our children, Kieran and Dan remind us that we need to look beyond the things changing around us and focus on the things that won't change within us.

These 12 "forever skills" are designed to set you up for whatever the future may throw at you plus help you get more success in your work and life, today.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1. The Three Spheres of Change
  • Chapter 2. Insight
  • Chapter 3. Conversion
  • Chapter 4. Problem Solving
  • Chapter 5. Agility
  • Chapter 6. Influence
  • Chapter 7. Team building
  • Chapter 8. Trust
  • Chapter 9. Translation
  • Chapter 10. Self-Control
  • Chapter 11. Resource Management
  • Chapter 12. Order
  • Chapter 13. Implementation


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