Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success

  • 7h 53m 6s
  • Seth Kahan
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

Real-world strategies for uncovering potential and capitalizing on opportunity.

Innovation is worth little unless it generates lasting success, and gaining measurable results from new ideas requires more than creative risk-taking. Successful innovation demands a tactical approach, and Getting Innovation Right reveals how your company can secure real traction and growth in the marketplace. With Seth Kahan's outcome-based approach, based on his experience leading innovation initiatives at a diverse range of organizations, you will identify the inflection points that generate market opportunities for your company and leverage the best techniques for securing a foothold in a lucrative new space.

Grounded in market-based reality, Getting Innovation Right is an indispensable resource for leaders looking to drive results and move in fresh directions.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Pursue and Leverage Inflection Points
  • Chapter 2 - Build Innovation Capacity
  • Chapter 3 - Collect Intelligence
  • Chapter 4 - Shift Perspective
  • Chapter 5 - Exploit Disruption
  • Chapter 6 - Generate Value
  • Chapter 7 - Drive Innovation Uptake


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