Global Class: How the World's Fastest-Growing Companies Scale Globally by Focusing Locally

  • 10h 37m 31s
  • Aaron McDaniel, Klaus Wehage
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

The business world has changed and to stay ahead companies have to think, operate, and scale differently. Companies need to adopt a new mindset and build distributed teams with a unique set of skills to succeed in new markets. A new strategic approach and revision to the agile methodology are necessary to better balance the need to localize with the complexity that localization creates.

To date, business leaders have had to learn how to scale globally the hard way—through trial, error, and failure—since no guidebook existed to light the way . . . until now. Enter Global Class.

Global Class is the playbook that teaches you how to build teams, manage a diverse international footprint, and balance cultural differences to scale globally by focusing locally. Through case studies and insights from more than 250 of the world's fastest growing companies, Aaron McDaniel and Klaus Wehage illuminate what this new class of business ("Global Class Companies") does to succeed, and who are the catalysts of their growth ("Interpreneurs") and how they do it.

From market entry to international growth, Global Class introduces a comprehensive tool kit of practical frameworks that provide a blueprint for how to build and manage a global business.

About the Author

Aaron McDaniel is a corporate leader, entrepreneur, professional speaker, start-up advisor, and author. He is a faculty member at University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, his alma mater. Aaron is a serial entrepreneur who cofounded global innovation ecosystem builder 10X Innovation Lab as well as three other ventures that were acquired. An alumnus of AT&T’s flagship Leadership Development Program, he was also an AT&T Diamond Club award winner (top 1 percent of sales managers worldwide). He is the author of The Young Professional’s Guide book series and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Aaron is a sought-after speaker whose client list includes The Ritz-Carlton, Deloitte Consulting, Wells Fargo, UnitedHealth Group, and many more.

Klaus Wehage is an entrepreneur, start-up advisor, professional speaker, and author. He is commonly referred to as the “Silicon Valley Ambassador,” coaching corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and government leaders. Currently, he holds advisory positions with 3 reputable Asian ministries. Through his former role as the Head of International Relations at Silicon Valley Forum and now as the cofounder and CEO of 10X Innovation Lab, Klaus has trained more than 2,000 business leaders from more than 50 countries. Originally from Denmark, he has lived on 4 continents, speaks 5 languages, and holds degrees from Hult International Business School (MBA) and Copenhagen Business School (Bsc). Klaus is a sought-after speaker and has worked strategically with the top echelon of the Silicon Valley business community, including Google, Salesforce, LinkedIn, IBM, HP, and more.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: The Genesis of Global Class
  • Chapter 1 - SHIFT The World Has Changed
  • Chapter 2 - LEAD The Global Class Company
  • Chapter 3 - TRAILBLAZER The Interpreneur
  • Chapter 4 - ALIGN The Four Commitments for Successful Global Growth
  • Chapter 5 - LOCALIZATION Global Agile Part 1: Discovery and Hypothesis Development
  • Chapter 6 - COMPLEXITY Global Agile Part 2: Preparation, Validation, and Implementation
  • Chapter 7 - MOMENTUM How Global Class Companies Facilitate Rapid Growth
  • Chapter 8 - PEOPLE Building Global Class Teams
  • Chapter 9 - MANAGEMENT The Global Class Management Model
  • Chapter 10 - CULTURE Balancing the Three Layers of Culture
  • Chapter 11 - CONCLUSION The Global Class Company, Interpreneurs, and You
  • Epilogue: IMPACT: The Role of the Global Class in Society