Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

  • 3h 20m 33s
  • Brian Tracy
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2013

How to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible!

Your ability to set and achieve goals will determine your success and happiness more than any other skill you can ever learn!

You can't hit a target that you can't see. The starting point of great success is when you sit down and decide exactly what you really want, in every area of your life. This program will show you how to do this, better and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Learn how to step on the accelerator of your own life. In this fast-moving, practical, and informative program, success guru Brian Tracy shares with you the results of 30 years of research and experience in setting and achieving goals.

The Ultimate Goals Program: How to Get Everything You Want - Faster than You Ever Thought Possible is the most complete and effective goal-setting and goal-achieving program ever created. In this exciting program, Brian Tracy takes you through a simple, proven step-by-step system that you can use immediately to achieve anything you really want in life.

Brian has shared these ideas in more than 2,000 talks and seminars over the past 21 years, teaching more than two million students how to dramatically improve their lives with goal-setting and goal-achieving strategies. Brian's graduates have transformed their lives, moving from frustration and unhappiness to success and high achievement. They have gone from rags to riches, from worrying about money to becoming self-made millionaires. And so can you.

Brian is intensely practical in this program. Every idea you learn is immediately applicable to your life. From the first session, you will put your hands on the wheel of your own future and begin moving in a new direction.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Unlock Your Potential
  • Chapter 2 - Take Charge of Your Life
  • Chapter 3 - Create Your Own Future
  • Chapter 4 - Clarify Your Values
  • Chapter 5 - Determine Your True Goals
  • Chapter 6 - Analyze Your Beliefs
  • Chapter 7 - Start at the Beginning
  • Chapter 8 - Measure Your Progress
  • Chapter 9 - Remove the Roadblocks
  • Chapter 10 - Become an Expert in Your Field
  • Chapter 11 - Associate with the Right People
  • Chapter 12 - Make a Plan of Action
  • Chapter 13 - Manage Your Time Well
  • Chapter 14 - Review Your Goals Daily
  • Chapter 15 - Visualize Your Goals Continually
  • Chapter 16 - Activate Your Superconscious Mind
  • Chapter 17 - Remain Flexible at All Times
  • Chapter 18 - Unlock Your Inborn Creativity
  • Chapter 19 - Do Something Everyday
  • Chapter 20 - Persist Until You Succeed


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