Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC and How to Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis

  • 7h 52m 46s
  • Norm Champ
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2017

In Going Public, Champ presents a rare, insider’s look at how the SEC operates and explains exactly how the agency impacts the overall economic health of the country. He examines the inner workings of hedge funds, economic policy and politics, investing, and inefficient and frustrating federal agencies. Engrossing and important, this book offers critical recommendations for policy changes that will create healthy, free-functioning markets and help Americans better prepare for the inevitable next crisis.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Fish Out of Water
  • Chapter 2: Taking Myself Public
  • Chapter 3: Punching the Cushion
  • Chapter 4: Postcrash Triage in the SEC Emergency Room
  • Chapter 5: No One Mentioned the Wax Museum
  • Chapter 6: Breaking the Buck Almost Breaks My Back
  • Chapter 7: Edgar and Friends
  • Chapter 8: The Volcker Rule and Me
  • Chapter 9: Report Card
  • Chapter 10: Preventing the Next Crisis