Governance in the Digital Age: A Guide for the Modern Corporate Board Director

  • 4h 28m 18s
  • Brian Stafford, Dottie Schindlinger
  • Gildan Media
  • 2019

This book seeks to chart the technology-fueled changes taking place in the field of corporate governance and describes the impact these changes are having on boards and the enterprises they govern. It also describes what the future could look like once companies truly embrace the power of technology to change governance.

Additionally, this book will provide a set of "suggested action steps" for companies and their boards focused on ways they can leverage technology tools to enhance governance immediately. Through a review of the latest governance research, interviews with key thought leaders, and case studies of enterprises that have embraced governance technology, listeners will be armed with new insights and approaches they can take to enhance the work of their boards and senior leaders to reach new levels of performance.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Ensuring Value Creation (Despite Volatility)
  • Chapter 2 - Building a Resilient Board
  • Chapter 3 - The Board's Expanding Role in Managing Risk
  • Chapter 4 - Building Insights and Just-in-Time Strategies
  • Chapter 5 - From Corporate Citizenship to ESG
  • Chapter 6 - Directors and Personal Accountability
  • Chapter 7 - Board Behavioral Profiles: A Governance Roadmap for the Digital Age
  • Chapter 8 - Board Behavioral Profiles in Action