Green Growth That Works: Natural Capital Policy and Finance Mechanisms Around the World

  • 11h 8m 13s
  • Gretchen C. Daily (eds), James Salzman, Lisa Ann Mandle, Zhiyun Ouyang
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2019

Rapid economic development has been a boon to human well-being. It has lifted millions out of poverty, raised standards of living, and increased life expectancies. But economic development comes at a significant cost to natural capital - the fertile soils, forests, coastal marshes, farmland - that support all life on earth, including our own.

Green Growth That Works is the first practical guide to bring together pragmatic finance and policy tools that can make investment in natural capital both attractive and commonplace. The authors present six mechanisms that demonstrate a range of approaches used around the globe to conserve and restore earth's myriad ecosystems, including: government subsidies; regulatory-driven mitigation; voluntary conservation; water funds; market-based transactions; and bilateral and multilateral payments.

Through a series of real-world case studies, the book addresses questions such as: How can we channel economic incentives to make conservation and restoration desirable? What approaches have worked best? How can governments, businesses, NGOs, and individuals work together successfully?

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - The Case and Movement for Securing People and Nature
  • Chapter 2 - Scaling Pathways for Inclusive Green Growth
  • Chapter 3 - Amplifying Small Solutions for Systemwide Change
  • Chapter 4 - Collaborative Approaches to Biosphere Stewardship
  • Chapter 5 - The “Five Ps”: Policy Instrument Choice for Inclusive Green Growth
  • Chapter 6 - Government Payments
  • Chapter 7 - Regulatory Mechanisms
  • Chapter 8 - Voluntary Mechanisms
  • Chapter 9 - Water Funds
  • Chapter 10 - Market-Based Mechanisms
  • Chapter 11 - Multilateral and Bilateral Mechanisms
  • Chapter 12 - China: Designing Policies to Enhance Ecosystem Services
  • Chapter 13 - Costa Rica: Bringing Natural Capital Values into the Mainstream
  • Chapter 14 - United States: Blending Finance Mechanisms for Coastal Resilience and Climate Adaptation
  • Chapter 15 - United Kingdom: Paying for Ecosystem Services in the Public and Private Sectors
  • Chapter 16 - Caribbean: Implementing Successful Development Planning and Investment Strategies
  • Chapter 17 - Cities: Incorporating Natural Capital into Urban Planning