Hacker Culture A to Z: A Fun Guide To The People, Ideas, And Gadgets That Made The Tech World

  • 11h 18m 7s
  • Kim Crawley
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Hacker culture can be esoteric, but this entertaining reference is here to help. Written by longtime cybersecurity researcher and writer Kim Crawley, this fun reference introduces you to key people and companies, fundamental ideas, and milestone films, games, and magazines in the annals of hacking. From airgapping to phreaking to zombie malware, grasping the terminology is crucial to understanding hacker culture and history.

If you're just getting started on your hacker journey, you'll find plenty here to guide your learning and help you understand the references and cultural allusions you come across. More experienced hackers will find historical depth, wry humor, and surprising facts about familiar cultural touchstones.

  • Understand the relationship between hacker culture and cybersecurity
  • Get to know the ideas behind the hacker ethos, like "knowledge should be free"
  • Explore topics and publications central to hacker culture, including 2600 Magazine
  • Appreciate the history of cybersecurity
  • Learn about key figures in the history of hacker culture
  • Understand the difference between hackers and cybercriminals

About the Author

Kim Crawley has been a cybersecurity researcher and writer for well over a decade. She authored 8 Steps to Better Security, and co-authored The Pentester Blueprint, both with strongly positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. She was also featured in the first volume of Marcus J. Carey and Jennifer Jin's Tribe of Hackers.

Her magazine articles and blogs have appeared in 2600 Magazine, CIO Magazine, Sophos Naked Security, AT&T Cybersecurity's blog, Infosecurity Magazine, Hack The Box, and too many other places to name here.

Recently, she has given talks about penetration testing and hacker culture at SANS PenTest HackFest and Wild West Hackin' Fest.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys playing JRPG video games, listening to goth, progressive, jazz, and funk music, cuddling her teddy bears, watching anime, astrology, being a pedantic know-it-all, looking at Lake Ontario from her condo in Toronto, and spending time with her metalhead partner, Jay.

In this Audiobook

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  • Chapter 6 - F
  • Chapter 7 - G
  • Chapter 8 - H
  • Chapter 9 - I
  • Chapter 10 - J
  • Chapter 11 - K
  • Chapter 12 - L
  • Chapter 13 - M
  • Chapter 14 - N
  • Chapter 15 - O
  • Chapter 16 - P
  • Chapter 17 - Q
  • Chapter 18 - R
  • Chapter 19 - S
  • Chapter 20 - T
  • Chapter 21 - U
  • Chapter 22 - V
  • Chapter 23 - W
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  • Chapter 25 - Y
  • Chapter 26 - Z