Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook: How to Launch, Lead, and Sponsor Successful Projects

  • 9h 59m 25s
  • Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

The one primer you need to launch, lead, and sponsor successful projects.

We're now living in the project economy. As the number of projects initiated in both the public and private sectors skyrockets, project management skills have become essential for all leaders and managers. But despite this project boom, the failure rate remains extremely high. Why? Leaders have too many projects and too little visibility into them, and they lack the project implementation competencies necessary to deliver their projects successfully. Project managers have the technical skills, but they often have trouble translating their hands-on know-how up to the leaders'-eye view. Worthy projects languish and fail to deliver benefits, starved of resources, while too much investment is made in projects with less merit or potential value. The HBR Project Management Handbook will help you bridge this gap.

In this comprehensive guide, project management expert Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez presents a simple and intuitive framework that will increase any project's likelihood of success. Packed with case studies from many industries worldwide, you'll learn to more effectively navigate through your organization's inventory of projects, programs, and strategic, and agile initiatives in order to better select which ones to push forward and which to kill, as well as how they should be prioritized and how you can ensure they're completed as planned. Timeless yet forward-looking, the advice in this book will help you and your organization thrive in the project-driven world.

About the Author

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is an author, practitioner, and consultant who teaches strategy and project implementation to senior leaders. He is a visiting professor and a frequent guest speaker at business schools and project management events around the world. He has held leadership positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, BNP Paribas Fortis, and GlaxoSmithKline. His research has been recognized by Thinkers50 with its prestigious "Ideas into Practice" award, and he is featured in the 2020 Global Gurus Top 30 list of management professionals. He served as chairman of the global Project Management Institute, and in that role he launched the Brightline Initiative. He is also the founder of Projects & Co, cofounder of the Strategy Implementation Institute, and a member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches group. He is the author of three books, The Project Revolution, Lead Successful Projects, and The Focused Organization.

For more information, follow him on LinkedIn or on Twitter @ANietoRodriguez or visit antonionietorodriguez.com.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Welcome to the Project Economy
  • Chapter 1 - Projects Everywhere From a World Driven by Efficiency to a World Driven by Change
  • Chapter 2 - What Is a Project? From Product Launches to Digital Transformations to Megaprojects
  • Chapter 3 - What Project Management Is Now And Why It Needed to Be Reinvented
  • Chapter 4 - Introduction to the Project Canvas One Tool for Any Project: Traditional, Agile, or Hybrid
  • Chapter 5 - The Foundation Purpose, Investment, Benefits
  • Chapter 6 - The People Sponsorship, Resources, Stakeholders
  • Chapter 7 - The Creation Deliverables, Plan, Change
  • Chapter 8 - Putting the Project Canvas into Practice Adopting the Canvas in Your Organization
  • Chapter 9 - Project Leadership Competencies for Effective Project Management and Sponsorship
  • Chapter 10 - Selecting and Prioritizing Projects Managing Your Project Portfolio
  • Chapter 11 - The Agile and Project-Driven Organization Building the Structure and Culture Needed for Project Success
  • Chapter 12 - Project Managing a Better Future Tomorrow’s Innovations and Disruptions in Project Management
  • Conclusion: The Project Manifesto
  • Appendix: The Benefits Card