HBR Guide to Leading Teams

  • 3h 30m 43s
  • Mary Shapiro
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

Great teams don't just happen. How often have you sat in team meetings complaining to yourself, "Why does it take forever for this group to make a simple decision? What are we even trying to achieve?" As a team leader, you have the power to improve things. It's up to you to get people to work well together and produce results. Written by team expert Mary Shapiro, the "HBR Guide to Leading Teams" will help you avoid the pitfalls you've experienced in the past by focusing on the often-neglected people side of teams. With practical exercises, guidelines for structured team conversations, and step-by-step advice, this guide will help you: Pick the right team members; Set clear, smart goals; Foster camaraderie and cooperation; Hold people accountable; Address and correct bad behavior; Keep your team focused and motivated.

About the Author

Mary Shapiro has worked as a consultant and executive trainer for more than 20 years. She holds the Kagen Trust Professorship for Leadership Development at Simmons College and is Professor of Practice at the Simmons School of Management.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Pull Together a Winning Team
  • Chapter 2 - Get to Know One Another
  • Chapter 3 - Establish Your Team’s Goals
  • Chapter 4 - Agree on Individuals’ Roles
  • Chapter 5 - Agree on Rules of Conduct
  • Chapter 6 - Set the Stage for Accountability
  • Chapter 7 - Commit to a Team Contract
  • Chapter 8 - Make Optimal Team Decisions
  • Chapter 9 - Hold People Accountable
  • Chapter 10 - Give People Recognition
  • Chapter 11 - Resolve Conflicts Constructively
  • Chapter 12 - Welcome New Members
  • Chapter 13 - Manage Outside the Team
  • Chapter 14 - Deliver the Goods
  • Chapter 15 - Learn from Your Team’s Experiences