HBR Guide to Making Every Meeting Matter: HBR Guide

  • 3h 48m 41s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2024

Make every minute count.

Your calendar is full, and yet your meetings don't always seem to advance your work. Problems often arise with unrealistic or vague agendas, off-track conversations, tuned-out participants who don't know why they're there, and follow-up notes that no one reads-or acts on. Meetings can feel like a waste of time. But when you invest a little energy in preparing yourself and your participants, you'll stay focused, solve problems, gain consensus, and leave each meeting ready to take action.

With input from over twenty experts combined with useful checklists, sample agendas, and follow-up memos, the HBR Guide to Making Every Meeting Matter will teach you how to set and communicate your meeting's purpose; invite the right people; prepare an achievable agenda; moderate a lively conversation; regain control of a wayward meeting; and ensure follow-through without babysitting or haranguing.

Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, from a source you trust. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.

About the Author

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In this Audiobook

  • Preface: The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings
  • Chapter 1 - Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting?
  • Chapter 2 - Stop Calling Every Conversation a “Meeting”
  • Chapter 3 - If You Can’t Say What Your Meeting Will Accomplish, You Shouldn’t Have It
  • Chapter 4 - How to Design an Agenda for an Effective Meeting
  • Chapter 5 - The Key to Shorter, Better Meetings
  • Chapter 6 - The 50-Minute Meeting
  • Chapter 7 - The Magic of 30-Minute Meetings
  • Chapter 8 - Meetings Need a Shot Clock
  • Chapter 9 - Are There Too Many People in Your Meeting?
  • Chapter 10 - Before a Meeting, Tell Your Team That Silence Denotes Agreement
  • Chapter 11 - Establish Ground Rules
  • Chapter 12 - Reach Group Decisions During Meetings
  • Chapter 13 - The Right Way to Cut People Off in Meetings
  • Chapter 14 - Dealing with People Who Derail Meetings
  • Chapter 15 - Refocus a Meeting After Someone Interrupts
  • Chapter 16 - Polite Ways to Decline a Meeting Invitation
  • Chapter 17 - How to Interject in a Meeting
  • Chapter 18 - Stuck in a Meeting from Hell? Here’s What to Do
  • Chapter 19 - 7 Ways to Stop a Meeting from Dragging On
  • Chapter 20 - When Your Boss Is Terrible at Leading Meetings
  • Chapter 21 - The Right Way to End a Meeting
  • Chapter 22 - Don’t End a Meeting Without Doing These 3 Things
  • Chapter 23 - What Everyone Should Know About Running Virtual Meetings
  • Chapter 24 - How to Run a Great Virtual Meeting
  • Chapter 25 - Conduct a Meeting of People from Different Cultures
  • Chapter 26 - Making Global Meetings Work
  • Chapter 27 - Give Your Standing Meetings a Makeover
  • Chapter 28 - How to Do Walking Meetings Right
  • Chapter 29 - Stand-Up Meetings Don’t Work for Everybody
  • Chapter 30 - Leadership Summits That Work