HBR's 10 Must Reads on Change Management, Volume 2

  • 5h 46m 19s
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Gildan Media
  • 2021

Lead change amid constant turbulence and disruption.

More of the ideas you want, from the authors you trust. We've combed through hundreds of Harvard Business Review articles and selected the most important ones to help you spearhead change in your organization.

With insights from leading experts including John Kotter and Indra Nooyi, this book will inspire you to: lead through the eight critical stages of change; create and instill a sense of urgency; transform your company's culture; get reorgs right; reshape your organization for climate sustainability; remodel the chief learning officer position to lead change; scale agile practices throughout your organization; and lead change when business is good - but also when times are tough.

In this Audiobook

  • Accelerate! by John P. Kotter
  • What Everyone Gets Wrong about Change Management by N. Anand and Jean-Louis Barsoux
  • Cultural Change That Sticks by Jon R. Katzenbach, Ilona Steffen, and Caroline Kronley
  • Culture is Not the Culprit by Jay W. Lorsch and Emily McTague
  • The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents by Julie Battilana and Tiziana Casciaro
  • Design for Action by Tim Brown and Roger L. Martin
  • Digital Doesn't Have to Be Disruptive by Nathan Furr and Andrew Shipilov
  • Agile at Scale by Darrell K. Rigby, Jeff Sutherland, and Andy Noble
  • The Merger Dividend by Ron Ashkenas, Suzanne Francis, and Rick Heinick
  • Getting Reorgs Right by Stephen Heidari-Robinson and Suzanne Heywood
  • Your Workforce is More Adaptable Than You Think by Joseph B. Fuller, Judith K. Wallenstein, Manjari Raman, and Alice de Chalendar