High Impact Human Capital Strategy: Addressing the 12 Major Challenges Today's Organizations Face

  • 12h 32m 26s
  • Jack Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Traditionally, human resources has focused on recruiting good people, preparing them for assignments, motivating them to perform, and retaining them. These functions remain essential, but to be successful in turbulent times like ours, human capital strategy needs to be broader and much more far-reaching. High-Impact Human Capital Strategy examines 12 critical forces that must be considered: globalization, changes in workforce demographics, skill shortages and mismatches in labor markets, environmental matters, and more. It shows how to incorporate each into an effective overall plan, and how to translate that plan into action.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 The Importance of Human Capital: The Journey to Show the Value
  • 2 The Importance of Human Capital Strategy and the Role of the Chief Human Resoures Officer
  • 3 Set the Proper Investment Level: Establishing the Appropriate Amount to Spend on Human Capital
  • 4 Align with Business Needs: Achieving Business Alignment with Human Resources Programs
  • 5 Manage Talent for Value: Optimizing the Most Important Asset
  • 6 Engage Employees at Work: Changing the Nature of Work to Maximize Performance
  • 7 Create a Performance and Innovation Culture: Developing and Sustaining a High-Performance Organization
  • 8 Keep Employees Healthy: Controlling Health Status and Healthcare Cost of Employees
  • 9 Embrace Demographics and Societal Changes: Using Differences to Drive Value
  • 10 Utilize Technology Effectively: Making Technology Work for All Stakeholders
  • 11 Confront Globalization: Maximizing the Value of Human Capital
  • 12 Protect the Environment: Implementing Green, Sustainable Projects
  • 13 Build Global Leaders: Developing Agile Leaders to Drive Business Results
  • 14 Use Analytics and Big Data: Using Analytics to Drive Business Results


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