How Cyber Security Can Protect Your Business: A Guide for All Stakeholders

  • 1h 30m 15s
  • Christopher Wright
  • IT Governance
  • 2023

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent

With high-profile cyber attacks, data breaches and fines for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) non-compliance hitting the headlines daily, businesses must protect themselves and their reputations, while reassuring stakeholders they take cyber security seriously.

Cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, and the cost of data breaches is soaring. In addition, new regulations and reporting requirements make cyber security a critical business issue. A strong cyber security stance is a key defence against malicious attacks, so it’s vital to have the right measures in place to protect your business.

The board needs to know that cyber risk strategies are in place to reduce the risk of attacks and their impact, but leadership commitment is key to successfully managing cyber governance, risk and compliance. Board members and senior management must understand the threat landscape and the strategies they can employ to establish, implement and maintain effective cyber resilience throughout their organisation.

How Cyber Security Can Protect your Business – A guide for all stakeholders provides an effective and efficient framework for managing cyber governance, risk and compliance, which organisations can adapt to meet their own risk appetite and synchronise with their people, processes and technology. It explains what is meant by governance, risk and compliance, how it applies to cyber security and what is required to implement an effective cyber security strategy.

This pocket guide:

  • Gives readers a greater understanding of cyber governance, risk and compliance;
  • Explains what executives, senior managers and their advisors need to know and do about the ever-changing cyber threat landscape;
  • Provides context as to why stakeholders need to be aware of and in control of their organisation’s cyber risk management and cyber incident response;
  • Gives guidance on building an appropriate and efficient governance framework that enables organisations to demonstrate their cyber approach in a non-technical, strategic, business-focused way;
  • Details an overview process to enable risk assessment, assess existing defence mitigations and provide a framework for developing suitable controls; and
  • Includes a checklist to help readers focus on their higher-priority cyber areas.

Suitable for all managers and executives, this pocket guide will be of interest to non-cyber specialists, including non-executive directors, who may be required to review cyber arrangements. For cyber specialists, it provides an approach for explaining cyber issues in non-jargonistic, business-based language.

About the Author

Christopher Wright is a qualified accountant and CISA (certified information systems auditor) with more than 30 years’ experience providing financial and IT advisory and risk management services. He worked for 16 years at KPMG, where he managed a number of IT due diligence reviews and was head of information risk training in the UK. He has also worked in a wide range of industry sectors, including oil and gas, small and medium enterprises, public sector, aviation and travel.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Cyber Security GRC
  • Chapter 2 - Cyber Security Governance
  • Chapter 3 - Cyber Security Risk Management
  • Chapter 4 - Cyber Risks and Controls
  • Chapter 5 - Responding to an Attack
  • Chapter 6 - Cyber Compliance