How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens

  • 7h 20m 42s
  • Benedict Carey
  • The Random House Audio Publishing Group
  • 2014

In How We Learn, award-winning science reporter Benedict Carey sifts through decades of education research and landmark studies to uncover the truth about how our brains absorb and retain information. What he discovers is that, from the moment we are born, we are all learning quickly, efficiently, and automatically; but in our zeal to systematize the process we have ignored valuable, naturally enjoyable learning tools like forgetting, sleeping, and daydreaming. Is a dedicated desk in a quiet room really the best way to study? Can altering your routine improve your recall? Are there times when distraction is good? Is repetition necessary? Carey's search for answers to these questions yields a wealth of strategies that make learning more a part of our everyday lives - and less of a chore. In How We Learn, Benedict Carey shows us how to exploit its quirks to our advantage.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1. The Story Maker
  • Chapter 2. The Power of Forgetting
  • Chapter 3. Breaking Good Habits
  • Chapter 4. Spacing Out
  • Chapter 5. The Hidden Value of Ignorance
  • Chapter 6. The Upside of Distraction
  • Chapter 7. Quitting Before You're Ahead
  • Chapter 8. Being Mixed Up
  • Chapter 9. Learning Without Thinking
  • Chapter 10. You Snooze, You Win