I'd Rather Be in Charge: A Legendary Business Leader's Roadmap for Achieving Pride, Power, and Joy at Work

  • 7h 55m 46s
  • Charlotte Beers
  • Blackstone Audio, Inc. dba Blackstone Publishing
  • 2012

Throughout her illustrious career, Charlotte Beers has been a CEO, a chairman, an undersecretary of state, and the first woman to appear on the cover of Fortune magazine. But none of those titles compare to what Charlotte is called today: a teacher, educating women across the United States and Europe on how to break the glass ceiling in what she calls “the era of forging ahead for women.”

Now, Charlotte shares her extensive knowledge and experience in I’d Rather Be in Charge, detailing concrete solutions to the most serious issue facing working women today: though exceptionally qualified, willing, and ready for the challenge, many are not yet in positions of influence and leadership in the industries they represent.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Environment—It's Not about the Work
  • Chapter 2 - Messages—How You Learned to Engage
  • Chapter 3 - Traits—The Stranger Within
  • Chapter 4 - Self-Portrait—Who You Think You are
  • Chapter 5 - Road Show—Who They Think You are
  • Chapter 6 - Relationships—Your Delivery System
  • Chapter 7 - Communication—I Hear You
  • Chapter 8 - Presentations—Informing, Asking, Confronting
  • Chapter 9 - In Charge—When to Take the Lead
  • Chapter 10 - Context—Where You are