If You Will Lead: Enduring Wisdom for 21st-Century Leaders

  • 9h 45m 43s
  • Doug Moran
  • Gildan Media
  • 2020

If You Will Lead: Enduring Wisdom for 21st-Century Leaders provides listeners with guidance for any sort of leadership journey. Whether you are a seasoned executive or just starting your first leadership role, this audiobook will help you grow as a leader. Doug Moran starts by posing four critical questions for every listener to consider: 1. Who am I? 2. What do I want? 3. How can I get others to make their own choice to follow me? 4. How can I earn and retain the privilege to lead? If You Will Lead helps each listener discover his or her own answers to these pivotal questions.

Moran has taken Rudyard Kipling's classic poem "If-" and created a leadership framework out of it that comprises sixteen eternal and essential leadership attributes. He draws on noteworthy historical events to illustrate how great leaders like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, and others applied these leadership attributes to achieve extraordinary results.

If You Will Lead uses the power of storytelling to teach its leadership lessons. It combines bigger-than-life examples with everyday stories to help leaders apply its lessons to their own leadership challenges, whatever they may be. It's a practical guide that offers numerous resources and tools to help listeners hone their skills and achieve their full potential.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Ronald Reagan's Character: The Value of Trusting Yourself
  • Chapter 2 - Theodore Roosevelt's Authenticity: The Resolve to Always Be Yourself
  • Chapter 3 - Michael Collins's Integrity: Knowing and Defending the Truth
  • Chapter 4 - Winston Churchill's Self-Efficacy: The Confidence to Gain from Triumph and Disaster
  • Part 1 Summary: Self-Awareness and Leadership
  • Chapter 5 - Abraham Lincoln's Ambition: The Will to Make the World and Yourself What You Want Them to Be
  • Chapter 6 - Martin Luther King's Vision: The Power of Having and Sharing a Dream
  • Chapter 7 - Thomas Jefferson's Boldness: The Reward of Risking it All
  • Chapter 8 - Harriet Tubman's Resilience: The Ability to Bounce Back from Adversity
  • Part 2 Summary: Leadership and Understanding What You Want
  • Chapter 9 - Mother Teresa's Inspiration: The Ability to Connect and Motivate
  • Chapter 10 - John Paul Jones's Courage: The Nerve to Face Your Fears
  • Chapter 11 - Nelson Mandela's Selflessness: The Strength to Put One's Cause First
  • Chapter 12 - Jim and Louise Mulligan's Stamina: The Will to Hold on When You Have Nothing Left
  • Part 3 Summary: Attracting Others
  • Chapter 13 - George Washington's Composure: The Power of Keeping Your Head
  • Chapter 14 - John “Blackjack” Pershing's Patience: When Waiting Counts
  • Chapter 15 - Thomas Edison's Enthusiasm: The Energy to Fill Every Minute
  • Chapter 16 - Golda Meir's Accountability: The Will to Lose and Start Again
  • Part 4 Summary: Earning and Retaining Trust