Inclusion, Inc.: How to Design Intersectional Equity into the Workplace

  • 8h 19m 3s
  • Sara Sanford
  • Gildan Media
  • 2022

Design systemic equity and diversity into your organization

Inclusion, Inc.: How to Design Intersectional Equity into the Workplace moves beyond having tough conversations to deliver an innovative and proven approach to organizational diversity. Eschewing the "mindset-first" approach taken by many diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs, author and GEN founder Sara Sanford focuses on countering the systemic barriers that abet inequity by adjusting "cultural levers" to facilitate organization-wide change.

Inclusion, Inc. offers sustainable and cost-effective solutions that yield real, measurable returns, supported by:

  • Data from thousands of surveys and interviews with executive-level changemakers.
  • Case studies from GEN-certified organizations.
  • Innovations drawn directly from the latest in behavioral economics and design-centered thinking.

Perfect for business leaders, human resources and DEI professionals, and scholars and students of business, Inclusion, Inc. will also prove invaluable to underrepresented employees and their allies seeking real, evidence-based solutions to the dilemma they frequently face: assimilate, or leave.

About the Author

SARA SANFORD is the Founder of GEN and architect of the GEN Certification, the gold standard for intersectional equity in the workplace. Her insights make her an internationally sought-after speaker and advisor on DEI strategy and communication. She is a popular TED speaker and lecturer at the University of Washington’s School of Information.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1 - Beyond Good Intentions
  • Chapter 2 - “But We’ve Always Done It This Way…”
  • Chapter 3 - Why Should We Care?
  • Chapter 4 - Shifting to a Systemic Perspective
  • Chapter 5 - Inclusion at the Intersections
  • Chapter 6 - Help Wanted-Inclusive Recruiting
  • Chapter 7 - The Best Person for the Job-Merit-Based Hiring
  • Chapter 8 - It’s Who You Know-Protégés and Professional Development
  • Chapter 9 - Exceed Expectations-The Performance Evaluation
  • Chapter 10 - The Physiology of Pay
  • Chapter 11 - Family Matters
  • Chapter 12 - Leadership Material
  • Chapter 13 - Blueprints for Inclusive Workspaces
  • Chapter 14 - AI Won’t Save Us <Unless We Save It First>
  • Chapter 15 - DEI Principles to Live By
  • Chapter 16 - Hold the Door