Innovation the Cleveland Clinic Way: Powering Transformation by Putting Ideas to Work

  • 7h 49m 9s
  • Thomas J. Graham
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2016

Innovation means putting ideas to work. It is a discipline that can be learned, practiced, and leveraged to propel meaningful transformation and sustainable success, and it is proving to be the margin of difference in the largest concentrated sector of our economy: healthcare. This is where the stakes may be highest because the transcendent ideas that come from the patient bedside or laboratory bench don’t just translate to a bottom line, they improve and extend human life.

Since its inception in 1921, Cleveland Clinic has been at the forefront of life-saving innovations in healthcare, pioneering a new model of care, advancing surgical techniques, and developing cutting-edge medical technologies. It has revolutionized the industry with a proven and tested working model for mission-driven, results-oriented success―one that is applicable to industries beyond healthcare.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: Preparation
  • Chapter 2: Philosophy
  • Chapter 3: People
  • Chapter 4: Process
  • Chapter 5: Products
  • Chapter 6: Practices
  • Chapter 7: Partners
  • Chapter 8: Place
  • Chapter 9: Philanthropy
  • Chapter 10: Predictions